Walk to the Store (1:15 -- 2015)

A short I had initiall storyboarded and stashed away, until the opportunity to make it came. Made while interning for Titmouse,  for their yearly 5-second-day in-house animation event.

Animation reel (1:00 -- 2015)

Includes 2D and 3d work.

Sheep Collab (5 min 21 secs -- 2015)

One of my favorite personal projects was organizing a massive collab among 50 animators, each doing a small piece - almost a hundred sheep jumping a fence, edited to the catchiest tune. Enjoy!

Lunatique (3 min 17 secs  -- 2015)

A queer Vlad falls in love with the moon. Will he ever reach it? A thesis film made with Sarah McGrath and John McColgan at FIT.

Chinchanpu (1 min 18 secs  -- 2014)

High stakes on a rock-paper-scissors game.