CPI's Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (2019)


In collaboration with Room3 NYC, I helped produce a series of short videos explaining some financial and policy instruments to reduce CO2 and mitigate climate change. I focused on gathering B-roll and producing the on-screen graphics.

People's Green New Deal (2019)


An intro to what later became the Climate Policy Digest by activist org 350NYC. It highlights some achievements of the movement and targets to focus on for climate justice organizers. I shot with some friends, ran the interview, and edited/assembled the final video.

Where do we go from here? (2018)


Short video made in remembrance of MLK's last speeches, 50 years later. The graphics complement Dr. King's passionate remarks with researched statistics from 1968 to 2018, laid out  with visual depth and emotional punch.

Deep State Committee (2018)

Teaser for an unfinished game. I did production and post-production, except for camera/lights and sound design.

Marichuy (2018)

Short video in Spanish to highlight the message of Marichuy, the underdog candidate for Mexico's 2018 presidential election, and speaker of the CNI, an indigenous self-governance movement.